Austin Mini Cooper S Fia App.K Spec

1ff 2mt 3britan
  • 620kg
  • 120HP
  • 152Nm

Version: from Race Department source


'64 Austin Mini Cooper S Fia App.K Spec.
Now built from scratch, this mod certainly represents the best representation of a period correct racing mini in the whole panorama of racing sims.
150 Nm of torque for 120 bhp in so much little body. Easy and fun to drive, but difficult to master! Never ever lose momentum! Matches almost all real life track times in competitions like pre-66 Masters.
Detailed 3d model, sound recorded from a real cooper S. Almost real suspension work and travel ( back emultated, as is trailing arm) , torque data from real rolling tests and.
Fully working wipers, lights, indicators, and all dash lights and gauges ( oil pressure emulated with fake turbo ).

Author: Pessio.

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