BMW M5 E34

1fr 2mt 3germany
  • 2650kg
  • 340HP
  • 400Nm

Version: 1.15 source


The BMW E34 is the version of the BMW 5 Series automobile sold from February 1988 to 1995 with the Touring model ending June 1996. It replaced the BMW E28 in 1988 and was replaced by the E39 in 1996. The E34 was among the most reliable luxury cars on the market, earning the best-in-class ratings from Intellichoice in 1991, and still considered one of the most reliable BMWs ever made.

T10: Base model
Herman Mikhaylov: 3D Models, textures & support
Giuseppe Abagnale: Physics
Remco Versteeg: Converting and small 3d.

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