BMW M5 E60

1fr 2mt 3germany
  • 1830kg
  • 500HP
  • 520Nm

Version: 1.2 source


The E60 M5 was introduced in 2005, with an uneven firing V10 engine and 7 speed sequential manual gear box linking the car with the BMW Sauber Formula One program. The E60 M5 was the world's first production sedan to feature a V10 petrol engine. A 7 speed sequential manual gear box (SMG III) was available, and a six-speed manual transmission gear box was available for the USA only.

T10: Base model
Herman Mikaylov: Multiple models, textures and support
Giuseppe Abagnale: Physics
Remco Versteeg: Converting and small 3d
Mina El-Kess: Rims on the Ericsson.

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