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Ford F350 Stair Truck

1fr 2mt 3usa

Nurburgring Sprint: soon

  • Exterior 9/10
  • Interior 8/10
  • Physics 8/10

V. from Race Department source


Ford F350 Stair Truck - небольшой грузовик, доступный в 3-х вариациях: без кузова, с кузовом и с лестницей.

This is a 1977 Ford F350, sold as a single cab with dual rear tires on a Dana D70 axle. Although it's called a 1 ton truck, the gross weight limit is around 5 1/4 tons. As an upgrade, an airport outfitted it with a set of stairs so it could be used to access private jets.

The mod consists of three versions, the base stage, stairs stage, and flatbed stage.

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