Ford Sierra RS500 (Gr. A)

1fr 2mt 3usa 6drift
  • 1100-1240kg
  • 224-500+HP
  • 270-570Nm

Version: from Race Department source


Ford Sierra RS500: Stock, DTM 90's, Group A, Drift, Rallycross, RX.

DTM regulations added weight and mandated a restricter on the turbo's inlet to reduce horsepower. Much more of a fair match to the E30 M3 and 190E.

Version 2.0:
Many fixes and updates by Nounourscoss & J. Leman.
New sounds by Kunos/Nounourscoss.
Reworked physics/suspension by J. Leman & Nounourscoss.
Engine/drivetrain/gearbox by Nounourscoss.
Physics/suspension/drivetrain/gearbox by J.Leman on Rallycross version.

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