KRB Audi S1 Silhouette

14wd 2seq 3germany 9accchoice
  • 1325kg
  • 800-1100HP
  • 800+Nm

Version: from Race Department source


It’s a one-off build by KRB-Trading of Norway for the “Extreme”-class race series, held as part of the Scandinavian Gatebil tuner/car culture festivals. A car built with basically no rules and limits. Somewhere between Unlimited Time Attack and “cure for polar night depression”. Over 1000 bhp at all four wheels. Big turbo lag, even bigger wings.

Quality 3D model. Good physics. Amazing sound. Incredible power!.

Author: AccAkut
Soundbank: IMrIMike
Skins: After_Midnight, TTM75
Shader help: Ben O'Bro
Aero analysis & simulation: Ferit Saklu (Pure Power Racing), CAEdevice
Physics/testing: Aphidgod, FlandreNien, PheNom107th, mantasisg
Driver position & animation: Stereo's Blender Driver rig and export plugin
Racepak dash font: CALCULATOR by Artsy-Antics.

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