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  • 1030kg
  • 235HP
  • 313Nm

Version: from Race Department source


Lada Granta Cup is a younger sister of Lada Granta WTCC, developed by AvtoVAZ and TMS to compete in one-make sports race car series organized by AvtoVAZ. The series debuted in 2012 and included all major Russian racetracks like Moscow Raceway, NRing and Red Ring. The car itself is a special purpose built race version of Lada Granta with 1.6 litre R4 VAZ 21126 engine turbochareged by Garrett, sequential gearbox, 2-way KW competition coilovers and safety cage.

Project Lead, car model, shaders and animation: Andrew Korotkov
Physics: Anton Gruzdev, Evgeny Druzhinin
Sound: real sounds by Pavel Holod
Car model update: Valeriy Vlasov, Alexey Alexeev
Data: from the real technical specs according to real LADA Granta Cup drivers
Special thanks goes to mclarenf1papa and pankykapus.

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