Peugeot 504 + TN Sport

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  • 1200/1180kg
  • 95/159HP
  • 137/198Nm

Version: from Race Department source


The Peugeot 504 is an automobile manufactured by French automaker Peugeot between 1968 and 1983, with licensed production continuing until 2006.
The 504 was a sunroof-equipped four-door saloon, introduced with a carbureted 1,796 cc four-cylinder petrol engine 79 bhp (59 kW; 80 PS) with optional fuel injection. A column-mounted four-speed manual transmission was standard; a three-speed ZF 3HP12 automatic available as an upgrade.
504 TN Sport is a modified version of Peugeot 504 TN. A little stiffer, a little faster, a little louder.

3d model by x4fab, physics by Dmitrii A & Lunae.

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