Porsche 550/1500, 550A/1500 RS Spyder

1mr 2mt 3germany
  • 590/565kg
  • 110/158HP
  • 145/174Nm

Version: from Race Department source


The 1955 Porsche 550/1500 RS, better known as the 550 Spyder, was the first purpose-built race car by Porsche. The little car from Stuttgart dominated the 1.5L class and even threatened the larger engines for outright victory, especially on twisty roads such as the Nurburgring and Targa Florio, quickly earning the nickname Giant Killer.

Ensyuya (Mitsunari Ishii) : Project lead, 3d Model, textures, animations, shaders, sounds
Patrice Cote : Physics, UI car history, historical liveries base version from No.8 to 20, hillclimb version from No.5 to 15
Engine sound sources of base model except idling sound : Citytea.

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