Williams - BMW FW24

1mr 2seq 8openwheels
  • 600kg
  • 850HP
  • 366Nm

Version: from Race Department source


The Williams FW24 was Williams F1 chassis for the 2002 F1 season. It was closely based on the previous year's FW23, and powered by a development of the ultra-powerful BMW engine from 2001. The car was aerodynamically inferior to the Ferrari and to the rival McLaren, but the engine's outright power put in on a par with the competition. However the BMW engine was unreliable, and Williams failed to rival Ferrari.

MSF Italian Modding Team
InGame-Importing Process: babbu babbu
3D model: babbu babbu
Physics: the engineer
Sounds: corfix - simontek27
Skins and Texture: alesanchez
Helmet skins: alesanchez
Gloves skins: simontek27
3D Helmet: jvinu2000
Video and renders: ddntube.

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